Haresfield Surgery Appointments

All consultations are by appointment.

Click here for our surgery opening hours. Click here for when our doctors work.

Our system should enable you to obtain an appointment within 24 hours of your request, whether or not your problem is urgent, and in most cases with the doctor of your choice.

The phone lines are open from 8.15am in the morning and we have extra staff manning the phone lines during this busy period to deal with your requests.

Approximately half the appointments are made available six weeks in advance but experience shows these are taken up very rapidly. The remaining appointments are released on the day of the appointment. If you are therefore unable to make an appointment in advance we ask that you contact the surgery on the same day that you wish to be seen.

Urgent Problems (either surgery)

Patients with URGENT PROBLEMS will always be seen the same day the request is made. Occasionally the demand for appointments cannot be met by the doctor's appointment slots available at Kempsey, in which case you might be asked to see a doctor at the Haresfield Surgery.

In order to keep our appointment system efficient and to make appointments available for others, please CANCEL all unwanted appointments.

Cancelling appointments

Please always let us know if you don’t wish to take up your appointment. Even if it is at the last minute, we can always fill it.

We understand that you may now feel better or something else has cropped up and we are happy to rearrange. But please tell us!

We are glad so many of our patients do turn up – and we appreciate sometimes there is a delay. We thank you for your patience.

You can cancel by calling 01905 368503, or logging online if you are a registered user.

Please note that we do record all incidences of not turning up, and we will be in touch if you miss an appointment.

If you miss appointments more than once or twice, we will invite you to a meeting with James Foster, practice manager. And we do reserve the right to ask you to leave the practice list if you won’t help us to help you by keeping to your appointments.